Retail Hemp Sales Policy

The following details are an excerpt from The Government of Canada’s “Hemp and the hemp industry Frequently Asked Questions”. The Next Level Inc. LLC and/or its affiliates ("Next Level") are providing this for informational purposes only. For further details please visit The Government of Canada’s website directly.

What activities in relation to hemp are permitted without the need for a licence or authorization?

There are activities with industrial hemp to which the CDSA and the IHR do not apply, meaning that they are permitted for anyone without the need for a licence or authorization.

Non-viable Cannabis seeds, bare mature stalks and the fiber derived from these stalks are excluded from the CDSA and from the IHR. This means that these seeds, stalks and fibers can be imported, sold, or used to make products, such as food or rope, without requiring any licence, permit or authorization.

In addition, when certain conditions are met, a person may import, export, sell (at wholesale or retail), provide, possess, transport, send and deliver derivatives of industrial hemp seed, viable grain or non-viable Cannabis seed, or products made from such derivatives, without the need for a licence or authorization under the IHR. The conditions to be met include that the derivative or product:

  • Must contain no more than 10 µg/g THC;
  • Must not have been made from whole industrial hemp plants, including sprouts, or the leaves, flowers, or bracts of those plants;
  • In the case of the wholesale sale of a derivative, the package containing the derivative must be labelled "Contains 10 µg/g THC or less - Contient au plus 10 µg/g de THC".

Note that producing (e.g., cultivating, harvesting) industrial hemp in accordance with the IHR always requires a licence.

NEW - What do we mean by "wholesale"?

Wholesale includes selling goods in large quantities so that they can be retailed by others (e.g., selling crates of hemp seed oil to retail stores).

NEW - What do we mean by "retail sale"?

Retail sale includes selling products in small quantities to the public for use or consumption (e.g., selling hemp seed oil to individual Canadians).