Cold Starting A Dab
2022 Jul 5th

Cold Starting A Dab

Cold Starting...Say What?

Have you ever Cold Started a dab before or is this something you've never heard of or experienced?

Cold starting is essentially what it sounds like - adding the concentrate to your quartz banger before heating or while it is still “cold”. Doing it properly is a big time-saver, no longer are you heating for a full 45 seconds and then waiting a minute or longer for the banger to cool to an appropriate temperature. Allowing you to take a dab in a quicker more efficient manner. There is also less overheating which can cause chazzing (a blackening of the quartz surface) and loss of heat retention. Cold starting lengthens the life of your banger, torch, and butane supply since you're expelling less butane than normal. It's also a great way for beginners to learn how to get effectively get the right temperature on their quartz. There is no more trial and error of timing heating and cool downs. Even the most advanced user can benefit from practicing this method. If your curiosity has been piqued keep reading.

Cold starting does require a larger-sized flat-top banger with a minimum depth of about 30mm, any shorter and the carb cap may get too hot to operate. Keep in mind that a large-sized banger does not mean you have to take a bigger dab. This technique works well with any amount - from 0.1 gram to a full 1 gram dab.

6 Simple Steps to Cold Starting:

  1. Make sure your banger is already clean and empty.
  2. Take your regular size dab and place it into the banger.
  3. Put your carb cap on once the dab is inside.
  4. Take your butane torch and heat evenly around the bottom of the banger as normal, but only heat for about 10-15 seconds. Stop a few seconds after you see the dab starting to bubble up.
  5. Enjoy your tasty dab and inhale the terps.
  6. If there is still a left over oil puddle, reheat for another 2-3 seconds and repeat previous step.

Make sure to wipe or Q-tip out your banger after every dab while it's warm, so your banger is clean and ready for your next use.

Anytime and everytime is a good time to cold start, especially if you have no way of measuring the actual temperature of the banger (i.e Enail, DabRite, Octave, Terp timer, etc.). It is the easiest way to maintain a consistent low temperature, preserving your terps.

Cold starting has become a mainstay at The Next Level and we love educating our clients on different dabbing techniques. If you're looking for a replacement banger or new dabbing tools and accessories to give cold starting a try we've got what you need. Visit us in-store or online.

2022 Jul 5th The Next Level

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